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Patricia Traxler was born and raised in California, and in 1980 she moved to Kansas, where the three generations of the Traxler family before her had homesteaded and farmed in the Waterville area. Since that time she has lived in Salina, where she has taught creative writing and worked as a poet in the community. She has also served residencies around the U.S., including as Hugo Poet at the University of Montana, as Thurber Poet at Ohio State, and twice as the Bunting Poetry Fellow at Radcliffe. She has published three poetry collections, one novel, and two anthologies of personal history writings by people who grew up in Kansas between 1910 and 1975. Her poetry has appeared widely, including in The Nation, The Boston Review, Agni, New Letters, Ploughshares, Ms. Magazine, Slate, Tikkun, The LA Times Literary Supplement, and in numerous anthologies, including Best American Poetry. She has also published and won awards for her short stories, and her essays have appeared in several publications, including Newsweek. Patricia's most recent collection of poetry, Naming the Fires (2016), from Hanging Loose Press, with cover by poet and artist Harley Elliott, is the winner of the 2019 Hefner Heitz Kansas Book Award in Poetry.

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  • In Our Time (Smoky Hill River Press, 1989)
  • Vintage (Smoky Hill River Press, 1987) 


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Ploughshares' Cohen Award
Nimrod's Pablo Nerud Award
The Writer's voice of New York City Open Voice Award for Short Fiction
Radcliffe's Presidential Discretionary Award
Kansas Literary Fellowship
1994 Poetry Society of America Writers Magazine/Emily Dickinson Award Honors
1999 Poetry Society of America Writers Magazine/Emily Dickinson Award Honors
The Alice Carter Award for Poetry from Kansas University
Grand Prize winner of the International Imitation Hemingway Competition
2019 Hefner Heitz Kansas Book Award for Poetry

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