TAMARA (a teen): This is our town after the tornado: grass torn out of the ground; car parts up in trees; a house completely flattened except for a closet still standing with a wedding dress hanging inside. People lost their loved ones, their homes, their baby pictures.  We had ourselves a tornado, but we sure didn’t land in no Oz.

VOICES OF THE COMMUNITY (wandering, searching.): Where am I?  What street is this? Where’s our house? Where am I?                         

TAMARA: How can you find home when all the road signs have been blown away?

--From Rooted, a play commissioned for the 5thanniversary of the devastating tornado that destroyed Greensburg, Kansas and performed by Greensburg survivors alongside actors and director from Cornerstone Theater Company of Los Angeles, co-produced by the William Inge Center for the Arts and the Greensburg Arts Center with generous assistance from the National Endowment for the Arts.




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