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Annette Hope Billings is an award-winning author hailed for a dynamic delivery of poetry. She has been dubbed "The Maya of the Midwest" by some readers. She received the 2015 Topeka ArtsConnect Arty Award for Literature.  Her work includes poetry, short stories and plays. A registered nurse for decades before she began to write full-time, her  penchant for caring is evident in her words. 

Billings' work includes poetry collections "Hope's Wife", "A Net Full of Hope", and "Just Shy of Stars" and a book of affirmations, "Descants For A Daughter." Her poetry, prose and short stories may currently found in six anthologies and in print and online journals and periodicals. 

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Annette Hope Billings


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Pulse/Pulso: In Remembrance of Orlando Author Book
Missouri is a Ghost Shaped Thing Author Book
Just Shy of Stars Author Book
Revealed Author Book
Gimme Your Lunch Money: Heartland Poets Respond to Bullying Author Book
Twisting Topeka Author Book
Descants for a Daughter Author Book
A Net Full of Hope Author Book